What Happened to Us?

what happened

After a successful partnership in love and in a restaurant business, Carrie is shaken to the core by her partner, Kevin, who announces he is in love with the Colombian beauty, Valentina, that works for them. Carrie is left to truly figure out her life while Kevin breezes on with his arm candy.

As the book progresses, Carrie makes forward progress in her life, making decisions that improve her and her life. She surrounds herself with people she really cares about and finds a whole new world without the self-centered, needy Kevin.

This novel was just OK. It never seemed to get off the ground and fly. The premise is good: betrayal in love, new resolve found, lives intertwining and blending. I could see what was happening too quickly to one of the characters because it was such a pat path. Rarely do I jump to the end to see what happens but found it was the only way to get through the rest of the book.

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