A Brand New Ending

brand new

I did expect a great offering by Jennifer Probst and A Brand New Ending brings it. It is a touching, endearing and heartrending novel of Kyle and Ophelia and of the struggles Kyle makes to bring them back together after ten years apart. It is about teens with ideals and dreams. He succeeds. She runs away from him and his lack of understanding her.

Ten years later, Kyle returns to her to try and rekindle what once was a flaming love. She is adamant: no rekindle, thus no flame. But, the embers are still too hot to self-extinguish. Kyle, however, needs to truly understand why Ophelia left him if he wants to recapture and hold onto what they could have again.

Plus, Kyle needs to resolve the bitter memories of growing up with a belligerent, cruel and loveless father is Kyle is really to progress and thrive. Although he forgives Ophelia for leaving him, he finds she is not the one who needs forgiveness. It is he who needs her to forgive him.

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