Forgetting Ophelia


I was drawn into Forgetting Ophelia from the first chapter and did not put it down until the last. The great writing excellently captures all of the emotions and turmoil Ophelia (Lia) experiences as she progresses through a downright terrible time. Her husband abruptly and with no explanation leaves her on her thirty-fifth birthday and their fifth anniversary. She later learns the reason and is torn by his actions. You read how her life progresses through her discordant childhood and over a series of life denting events. All the while, Lia grows, adapts and finds herself.

Chuckerman Makes a Movie


Oh, my gosh! Chuckerman Makes a Movie is hilarious at times, seriously retrospective at others. I literally laughed out loud at many of the scenes. Other scenes were thoughtful and reflective. It is a perfect combination of funny and serious wrapped up in the story of David Melman and Laurel Sorenson. David has been told his is floundering in both love and life. His sister, Marcy, strongly suggests he takes a course in screen writing. Her friend, Laurel (The Mormon Rodeo) teaches it and feels it will help him in life. He falls for her; she falls for him. But, a pristine, ancient Cadillac stands in the middle.

A Brand New Ending

brand new

I did expect a great offering by Jennifer Probst and A Brand New Ending brings it. It is a touching, endearing and heartrending novel of Kyle and Ophelia and of the struggles Kyle makes to bring them back together after ten years apart. It is about teens with ideals and dreams. He succeeds. She runs away from him and his lack of understanding her.

Ten years later, Kyle returns to her to try and rekindle what once was a flaming love. She is adamant: no rekindle, thus no flame. But, the embers are still too hot to self-extinguish. Kyle, however, needs to truly understand why Ophelia left him if he wants to recapture and hold onto what they could have again.

Plus, Kyle needs to resolve the bitter memories of growing up with a belligerent, cruel and loveless father is Kyle is really to progress and thrive. Although he forgives Ophelia for leaving him, he finds she is not the one who needs forgiveness. It is he who needs her to forgive him.

The Secrets We Keep

secrets we keep

The Secrets We Keep is a deep novel delving into the bruised psyches of the two main women Tessa McIntyre and Rebecca Finlay who have both escaped with their families minus spouses to the Finger Lakes. Both are staying for the summer and both have very personal reasons for leaving their homes. It is a wreck waiting to happen as the summer progresses as the choices they make take dramatic turns for each of them and for their children.

Sunrise Cabin

sunrise cabin

Paige, teacher and aspiring children’s author, has found the perfect home in her rented cabin. All is well until her landlord informs he he’s selling it. In this engaging story of struggles and small battles, Paige works to try to raise enough to buy the cabin. But, there’s also Dylan who wants the cabin, too. He has the money and a ton of memories attached to the cabin from his childhood. There is a budding romance for Paige and Dylan but the cabin stands as an obstacle between them.

Dinner Party

dinner party.jpeg

This is an absolutely engaging, humorous and delightful book, a comedy of hilarious errors caused by assumptions and situations arising from an innocent dinner party’s unexpected guest. Simon, the guest, wrecks havoc both innocently and inadvertently, on the lives of the couples at the dinner. There is longsuffering, bored with her life Sarah, never satisfied witchy Marie, lost in a tiresome life Beth, arrogant snobby Tony, likeable Duncan, and clueless but nice Chris. Simon throws the whole dynamic out of whack causing cracks and fault lines to unzip. It is such a funny book!

Cowboy Honor

cowboy honor

Written with Carolyn Brown’s delightful pen, Cowboy’s Honor is a true story of love and of warmth.

Stranded Clair Mason and her spunky little niece, Zaylie, find a home away from home when Levi Jackson rescues them from a winter storm. He takes them to the ranch where he is the foreman. Longhorn Canyon Ranch offers people of friendship to Claire and Zaylie and a time to just enjoy life before Zaylie’s father returns home from a military mission.

The sparks between Claire and Levi ignite a fire in them but there are complications along with the joys that might prove too great a challenge.

What Happened to Us?

what happened

After a successful partnership in love and in a restaurant business, Carrie is shaken to the core by her partner, Kevin, who announces he is in love with the Colombian beauty, Valentina, that works for them. Carrie is left to truly figure out her life while Kevin breezes on with his arm candy.

As the book progresses, Carrie makes forward progress in her life, making decisions that improve her and her life. She surrounds herself with people she really cares about and finds a whole new world without the self-centered, needy Kevin.

This novel was just OK. It never seemed to get off the ground and fly. The premise is good: betrayal in love, new resolve found, lives intertwining and blending. I could see what was happening too quickly to one of the characters because it was such a pat path. Rarely do I jump to the end to see what happens but found it was the only way to get through the rest of the book.

The Election

The Election_COVER ONLY.indd

Whoa! In the light of current election events, The Election is a timely

(and mind blowing) novel containing fictionalized behind the curtain dealings of two people running for Texas governor. It is scary because these kind of underhanded happenings occur and are all too prevalent in the trek to office.

The novel traces the election road by Senator Blake Buchanan and Texas Attorney General General Striker. Blake is a fine man of character who slides into a short affair with a former girlfriend. Striker is a brash, media loving, almost totally unprincipled candidate with campaign managers willing to go deep to get any dirt on Blake. The dirt they find isn’t the dirt Blake knows and things spiral away from winning.

A Match Made in Heaven

match in heaven

A Match Made in Heaven is such a sweet and cute novel with an angel sent to help along a couple in marriage trouble complicated by meddling outsiders.

Pregnant Samantha and her husband, Johnny, receive notice that they aren’t really legally married. Coupled with their personal dilemmas, Sam tries to run off but Johnny follows her and coaxes her to stay in a rundown house attached to a kennel he owns. Their doubts about each other’s marriage motives are about to drive them far apart but an angel, Mirabella, intercedes at opportune times to spur them back toward each other.