Cleaning her House

cleaning her house

Defiantly charged by her sister, Bossy Betsy, to clean out their mother, Patricia’s, house, Elinor Goggins finds herself way overwhelmed by the multitude of boxes filled with stuff, by the tarps covering junk on the lawn, by the overstuffed garage and basement and by the pure filth all over the house. Patricia is a massive hoarder. Complaints have been piling up against her. A stroke forces her to rehab and the opportunity to clean out all the junk opens.

Cleaning her House takes an impressive look into hoarding and how it affects others. More to the story is how the level of junk amassed by Patricia almost pales in comparison to the levels of emotional junk both Elinor and Betsy deal with in their lives. Elinor has walled off her heart and when she meets Race-inspector and home contractor, he challenges her heart and her developing tendency to hoard, too. Betsy is fighting a battle with her husband over their son’s life decisions. As the junk get sorted and cleared, so does the junk Elinor and Betsy horde.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My favorite half

Right away I have to mention that I have loved everything written by Lauren Christina. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is right up there with their other books!

It is a funny and imaginative novel bringing to life the story of dating in the times of online partnering and all it entails.

Five professor friends, Millie, Ed, Reid, Chris, and Alex are all dateless for the big Dean’s Banquet-a plus-one affair. They contrive as a group to try online dating to find someone to bring. All the guys get responses (especially after Millie writes their bios) but Millie is at zero responses…until she creates her alter-ego and gets connected with Reid (who has had a connection to Millie since they met.)

Needless to say, it all goes awry for Millie as she continues her alter-ego communication with Reid. After all, the best laid plans of mice and of men do go astray!

Stuck in Manistique

Stuck in Manistique

Stuck in Manistique is simply a delightful book chock filled with humorous events and characters around every corner. I found the book to be very funny within the pages, comical at times and serious at others. Silly lies, misinterpretations, cloudy intentions abound. I actually loved the book!

Winter in Paradise

Winter in paradise

If you enjoy a great story with complications and messy relationships, you must read Elin Hildebrand’s novel, Winter in Paradise! It is chock full of crazy connections, brother competitions, a secret life and family trying to pull things together amid silent, disappearing people and tight lipped natives on St. John’s Island, USVI.

The story is compelling and draws the reader into a strange but lovely island where a dead husband has created a love nest for himself and an island woman. As the story unfolds, there are so many imaginative relationships that develop that you will be eager to not just read the next chapter but the next page.

I thoroughly enjoyed and savored Winter in Paradise!

Tiny House in the Trees

tiny house

Tiny House in the Trees is such a cute story about a young woman struggling to finish her master’s thesis while finding so man financial roadblocks in her way. Molly has good intentions but really sabotages herself so many times by her honest attempts to move forward. She is in love with a face (Quinn) and missing the whole person (Bale). Cringing at all her mishaps is common place as you read and really root for Molly to find a way to succeed.

What’s Left Unsaid

Whats left

What’s Left Unsaid is an apt title for this intense novel about the things people hide or lie about in order to just keep going in life. Sasha is a mother of teenage Zak, facing his teen attitude uneasily and worriedly as he shuts her out on a daily basis. Her upbringing was without love from her mother, Anna, who is slipping quickly into dementia. Anna slips in her memories to Zak, opening a can of worms that Sasha has avoided. The truths that are revealed are devastating but somehow bring Sasha and Zak to a better understanding of each other and of the past.