My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My favorite half

Right away I have to mention that I have loved everything written by Lauren Christina. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is right up there with their other books!

It is a funny and imaginative novel bringing to life the story of dating in the times of online partnering and all it entails.

Five professor friends, Millie, Ed, Reid, Chris, and Alex are all dateless for the big Dean’s Banquet-a plus-one affair. They contrive as a group to try online dating to find someone to bring. All the guys get responses (especially after Millie writes their bios) but Millie is at zero responses…until she creates her alter-ego and gets connected with Reid (who has had a connection to Millie since they met.)

Needless to say, it all goes awry for Millie as she continues her alter-ego communication with Reid. After all, the best laid plans of mice and of men do go astray!

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