Cleaning her House

cleaning her house

Defiantly charged by her sister, Bossy Betsy, to clean out their mother, Patricia’s, house, Elinor Goggins finds herself way overwhelmed by the multitude of boxes filled with stuff, by the tarps covering junk on the lawn, by the overstuffed garage and basement and by the pure filth all over the house. Patricia is a massive hoarder. Complaints have been piling up against her. A stroke forces her to rehab and the opportunity to clean out all the junk opens.

Cleaning her House takes an impressive look into hoarding and how it affects others. More to the story is how the level of junk amassed by Patricia almost pales in comparison to the levels of emotional junk both Elinor and Betsy deal with in their lives. Elinor has walled off her heart and when she meets Race-inspector and home contractor, he challenges her heart and her developing tendency to hoard, too. Betsy is fighting a battle with her husband over their son’s life decisions. As the junk get sorted and cleared, so does the junk Elinor and Betsy horde.

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