What Doesn’t Kill Her

What doesnt kill her

I was grabbed by What Doesn’t Kill Her from the firs paragraphs! They offer you a mystery from the onset that makes you want to read how the information will play out and what affect it will have on both the plot and on the characters. And, whoa boy, I was totally grasped by the story and could not put it down! The ending is a killer and will leave you definitely wanting more.



This is such a cute novel about warring natures, testy and curt, that hide the underlying sizzling emotions of chemistry. Catarina Bonavera is a strong willed, stubborn woman who knows what she wants and it is not Liam Doughtery. Liam is just as strong but there is just something about Caterina that drives him wild. The ghost of Caterina’s Aunt Rosa knows what is best for both of them and her machinations bring them together even though their heads say one thing and chemistry says another.

I am looking forward to reading about Caterina’s sisters and the Aunt Rosa effect.

One Tough Cowboy


One tough

If you are looking for or in the mood for a totally racy book, this is the one for you! I think there are more sexy scenes than actual time devoted to the story and the sizzling chemistry between Sheriff Hunter Steele and Samantha Ryder is off the charts. Personally, I did not anticipate all the lusty scenes when I started the book and was thrown by almost every chapter containing a heady scene. If this is what floats your boat, get this book!

The Cliff House

cliff house

Three related women find their lives changing and rotating in this captivating and engaging novel set on the California coast. Stella Davenport was barely in her twenties when she became guardian of her two teenage nieces. Finally, finding herself pregnant at forty, she is relishing the experience-good and bad- and simply joyous at the idea of her own child. Daisy Davenport McClure, niece number one, has an independent nature and a wall three feet thick around her emotions. Caring for her sister, Beatriz, while their mother failed repeatedly at her duties caused the wall to form and stay. Beatriz, the flighty niece, has settled down and is raising her daughter. When her ex-husband decides he wants to reconcile, Beatriz is determined to hold her ground in the “NO WAY” category. As their lives move forward, so do the challenges for Stella, Daisy and Beatriz.

Moondust Lake

Moondust Lake

Wow! This is some novel filled with great writing and a tense storyline. It has a family teetering toward total and utter destruction. There is a son intent on capturing his demons and put things right. There is the wife and mother trying desperately to find what remains of the love her husband once held for his family.  It is a rugged journey for every character to find peace.

A Cowboy and a Promise

a cowboy and a promise

Warring ideas and desires create an inviting challenge in this delightful tale of progress vs. status quo and love vs. ambition. Ava Howell, at the request of her dying best friend, moves her life temporarily to Texas to fulfill her friend’s promise to create a ghost town development project. Disagreeably standing in objection to the project is Beau Paxton. If he had his way, the project would die in the Texas sun. Working with Beau and proving her worth, Ava learns that there is more to life in Texas than she ever imagined.

A Soldier’s Return

A Soldiers Return

This is a lovely story and so engaging about a lost soul and a love weary woman finding exactly what they need in each other. I loved the way their relationship developed through care and concern for each other, all the while each fighting the pull to love.

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the rules.jpg

This was, at times, a very tough book to digest because of the trials the main character, Isabelle, endured and how these trials affected her entire life. At times, I wanted to throttle her and tell her to get some counseling because her inner turmoil was too much to bear. The story itself is so worth reading as she begins a rough journey to healing helped along by a very caring boyfriend and a tough question asking counselor.

Snowflakes at Lavender Bay


Snowflakes at Lavender Bay is such an endearing story of two people searching for something to bring fulfillment to their lives. They find each other but lies of omission, fears and insecurities work together to stop and start what could prove to be the fulfillment they seek.

The House at Flynn’s Crossing

house at Flynns

The synopsis I read on The House at Flynn’s Crossing sounded like something I would enjoy reading. However, as many times as I tried to get into the book, I found it to be an OK novel that covers the same ground repeatedly and becomes rather tedious. Perhaps that method was to accentuate the slow progress the character of Antonia Farris is making to readjust to life after having been abducted and hidden for five years in a horrible situation.

I am sure many will find the book rich and enjoyable but for me, it was just not happening.