The Cliff House

cliff house

Three related women find their lives changing and rotating in this captivating and engaging novel set on the California coast. Stella Davenport was barely in her twenties when she became guardian of her two teenage nieces. Finally, finding herself pregnant at forty, she is relishing the experience-good and bad- and simply joyous at the idea of her own child. Daisy Davenport McClure, niece number one, has an independent nature and a wall three feet thick around her emotions. Caring for her sister, Beatriz, while their mother failed repeatedly at her duties caused the wall to form and stay. Beatriz, the flighty niece, has settled down and is raising her daughter. When her ex-husband decides he wants to reconcile, Beatriz is determined to hold her ground in the “NO WAY” category. As their lives move forward, so do the challenges for Stella, Daisy and Beatriz.

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