The View from Alameda Island

View from Alameda

Finding real, healthy love in a moment is not even close to well in a relationship is the basis for this stirring novel. The personalities of Lauren and Beau are appealing and thoughtful, charming, buffeted by their own kid’s responses to their divorces, and finding strength in each other. Counter to Lauren and Beau are Brad and Pamela-domineering, controlling and just plain ugly. All of them combine to tell a story of trying to let go of the ties that bind, especially the ones that shackle lives.

The Scent Keeper

Scent Keeper

I thoroughly enjoyed The Scent Keeper. I was glued to the novel through the hard ans sensitive introductory chapters, to the middle growing pains of love and reality, and into the realization filled last chapters. It is a novel filled with a young girl’s growing, learning, collapsing and coming to terms with the realities of her entire life.



I honestly cannot say that I was completely drawn into Montauk in the beginning but as the story progressed, I found myself more vested in the lives portrayed and in the outcomes of their interactions.

The Summer Cottage

summer cottage

The Summer Cottage is a touching and moving work that relates the story of a woman finding her true self and niche after divorce. There are fabulous sentiments on life sprinkling the pages that, really, deserve writing down to ponder later.

As Adie Lou Kruger revamps her life, she learns that her young past resonates within the walls of her heart and guides her often shaky decisions about renovating her family’s lake house into a B and B.

It is a lovely story filled with some very touching, wonderful passages.

A Palm Beach Wife

A Palm Beach Wife

A Palm Beach Wife is a tale of a woman’s strength set against the odds in the glamorous, opulent, backstabbing town of Palm Beach, Fla. The main character, Faith Harrison, ingeniously and tirelessly works to save her financially ruined family and her drug her addicted husband in the face of a society that warms itself on gossip and indulgence. The strength of Faith grows with each devastating incident creating the type of person you would want to have your back in a crisis.

Return of the Song

return of the song

This is a wonderful story about a young woman held to the past by a deceased love and not knowing how to move forward. Her life has become small even though there are opportunities for growth all around her. I found it a little long in some cases and over explained in others.


The Last Letter

Last letter.jpg

Oh, my! Last Letter is a novel not to miss! It is deeper than touching; it reaches into your heart and holds it to the very end. There is sadness and joy throughout the chapters as both main characters, Ella McKenzie and Beckett Gentry, form a relationship as they live through Ella’s daughter, Maisie’s,  neuroblastoma treatment journey. Maisie’s twin, Colt brings light into the dark journey. As the story progresses, Ella, Maisie and Colt crack the hard barrier around Beckett’s heart, formed by a very rough foster care childhood and the ravages of Special Op duty.

One Summer in Paris

one summer

I absolutely and completely found One Summer in Paris to be so delightful at times, thoughtful at others and in its entirety, captivating and absorbing. Two women, one a teen and the other middle age, find a balanced and loving friendship at a time when both are struggling with painful circumstances in their lives. Both young Audrey and older Grace have come to Paris to escape the messes that are their lives. The beauty of the story is that they each offer the other the answers, the trust and the reliance they both so desperately need and long for.

This is an excellent, do no miss book!

The Girl in the Corner

girl in corner

A Girl in the Corner is an emotional book that will touch the core of your heart. It is about Rae-a shy girl/woman who allows everyone to run her life and has always been too afraid to go after what SHE really wants. Reading through her sad, trying experiences is heart breaking. You can feel her frustration at herself, at her husband and at her best friend, his sister. Rae has to find her inner power and strength to make choices that are hers and hers alone in order to achieve the life she really wants.