The Key to Happily Ever After


Birth order rivalries and placement play a role in this engaging and cute book about three sisters taking over the family wedding business. When the women work together as a unit, it all runs smoothly. Hurt and stubborn attitudes create warring ambitions that threaten to ruin not only the business but also the relationships. While Mari the oldest  and the baby, Pearl, butt heads and bicker it throws the whole business into turmoil. Peacemaker, Jane, tries her best to get Mari and Pearl to calm down.


Gimme Some Sugar

gimme some sugar

Gimme Some Sugar is a novel filled with all kinds of characters with all kinds of quirks and they all play out well together to make a sometimes serious, sometimes funny story. Two old friends that should have been together finally get the perfect chance for love if…the devious, self-centered ex-wife and mother-in-law would just leave town or just go away or simply give it up.

A Slice of Magic

a slice of magic

This is a cute, engaging and funny story. At the hurried and vague request of her aunt, Susanna rushes to her aid only to find her aunt missing and a pie bakery to run. Susanna does not bake and her pies show it. If not for the daily devoted crew of friends and the handsome, Henry, the pie shop would go under. Plus, there are some weird things going on in the small town and Susanna is determined to figure out what is going on and to find her missing aunt.

Summer by the Tides

Summer by the Tides

summer by the tides

Three sisters are thrown back together by their missing aunt in this relationship reconstruction story. Two of the sisters have not spoken in twenty years over a love gone bad. They have refused to reconcile. Their aunt is AWOL and it all seems like a plot to get the sisters together in one place to mend fences and finally move forward as the close sisters they once were.

The Age of Misadventure

the age of misadventure

The Age of Misadventures is very comical in so many scenes that you will probably laugh out loud. It is a semi-thriller wrapped up in the misadventures of four women relatives running from a thug. In it all is Georgie, standing tall to rescue her sister, Bonnie, from the mess her husband’s underhanded business has caused. Caught up in the drama are Jade, Georgie’s daughter, and Nan, Georgie’s eighty plus, hoot of an aunt. For a few spring weeks their lives are up ended as danger and more crazy misadventures combine.

Crazy Cupid Love

crazy cupid love

Crazy Cupid Love was just the right book for me to read after too many emotional ones. It is such a cute story that I could not put it down. Magic and spells abound for a struggling modern day Cupid who must face her fear of failures and somehow save her family’s match making business. There is an undercurrent of evil working against her but her best friend (a guy she really loves) is by her side the entire way.

More Than Words

more than words

This is a terrific book cover to cover. The young woman portrayed is well written and thought out as she tries to navigate the murky waters of her life when her father dies and leaves her in charge of the family hotel business. It is not where she predicted she would be until much later as she has found her personal footing as a political speech writer for an aspiring mayor. She finds herself drawn to the candidate which presents a whole different number of problems. How she finds a way to survive all the changes is what makes the story great. I particularly loved the tension filled pages describing Nina’s milieu of struggle to make sense of what is happening to her heart and to her life.