Wildflower Heart

wildflower heart

Wildflower Heart is a touching story involving a woman who has lived her life believing she was to blame for her mother’s leaving when she was a young girl. When her cheating husband dies a a car accident that also injures her, she moves back in with her father just as he is changing his life. Together, they move to a remote home in Cub Creek, a home that she has no idea of how much it impacted her father’s life.

Life in Cub Creek beings meaning back to Kara, slowly but daily as she also comes back to life and to love.

The Last Resort

last resort

This was not a favorite of mine because there were too many subplots and vaporous details to make the story solidify and not seem to ramble. The premise is good: a couple’s resort designed to delve deep into the true reasons for the couple’s problems. However, the problems of the owners of the resort present more problems to the continuity of the plot rather than add to it.

Things You Save in a Fire

things you save

Things You Save in a Fire is yet another great offering by Katherine Center. Her previous novel, How to Walk Away was a sampling of the novels to come. There is humor amid all the tension in the life of Cassie, fire fighter from Austin banished to the small town where her estranged mother lives when an explosive incident at Cassie’s award ceremony takes place. In the fire department of her new town, Cassie faces a foe determined to destroy her career simply because she is a woman in a formerly all men’s work place. Plus, everything for her changes when she falls in love for the first time ever with her rookie coworker. The story is not all about love and flowers. It is about Cassie’s transformation from a closed off heart to one that learns to embrace life with all its good and awful parts.

The Great Unexpected

great unexpected

This is a delightful book drawing sentimentality about two gentlemen at odds with each other thrown together in the same room in their adult living facility. Their lives join to create the spark they both are missing enlivening both their personalities and the people around them. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book.