Summer Under the Stars

Summer under the stars

Summer Under the Stars is such a lovely book about finding your way though things are messy or sad or just plain tired. Daisy is a hopeful novelist working a menial journalist job and dating Toby. Toby is not the best boyfriend but he comes with a lovely family that Daisy very much needs since her mother died.

Wanting to rekindle their romance, Daisy books a week long getaway to a glamping site owned by a friend of long ago. Toby is not the best of partners on the trip and on a day when he goes into work (which he cannot let go of), Daisy gets lost at night in the forest and meets Jake Steele, a bonafide novelist. They find moments in time to talk and grow to appreciate each other. Daisy is torn: Toby is her steady partner! Jake is something else to her because they have so much in common.

Add to the fray Daisy’s search for her birth mother in the town adjacent to the glamping site. It’s a chance to find her and learn the why’s of her adoption.


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