Cowboy Cross My Heart

cowboy cross my heart

Cowboy Cross My Heart is a different kind of rodeo story from the norm of rodeo romances. It is not about a cowboy dilemma of love or second chances rather it is one of a dangerous group of men who prey on the Rodeo Queens, threatening them and demanding sexual favors.

Naomi Pierce make her way back home to discover that all the great pageantry of the Rodeo Queens is not all it is made out to be for her best Friend, Whitney. People get murdered to storp the discovery of what is going on behind the scenes. Brice Harper and Naomi work to uncover the culprits and not get killed while on the hunt.

Summer on the River

summer on the river

I found Summer on the River to be a very slow moving read-almost too slow for me. It seemed to lack any spark of excitement or enticing to keep me involved in the story. Even the accompanying sinister plot felt nonessential to the whole.




A journalist, Max Revere seeking the answers about what truly happened to the mother that abandoned her finds danger, more questions and mysterious answers as this complicated, riveting and intense novel plays out. Coupled with Max’s relentless search for clues to her mother’s disappearance is the story enfolding of her mother’s actions and motives and of the crimes she committed. Past and present collide in a thrilling battle for survival.

Christmas at the Chalet

christmas chalet

The debut of the winter wedding gowns for Felicity Grant Bridal is set for St. Moritz with more on the line for designer Felicity Grant than just her dresses. This is a charming story of love lost, love found , and possible reconciliation.

A huge fight with her long term boyfriend has her struggling with the reality of their relationship. It does not (or does it?) help that she is seen with a handsome local doctor and the Internet is all abuzz with speculation. Running alongside Felicity’s dilemma is one for Nell, a top model in the show. She is desperately trying to get her divorced parents to both come to her wedding. Nell is going crazy trying to keep them from spotting each other in St. Moritz. The surprise ending is the best!

Wedding Surprise

Wedding surprise

I have thoroughly enjoyed the books in the Cherry Lake series all written about the lives of four sisters in a small town. This book, the last of the series, is all about Mari and the problems she has to face-problems that started ten years prior and are still existing to plague her.

Mari left Cherry Lake not knowing she was pregnant with Ethan’s baby. She connected with his brother, Rake, on the outskirts of town and Rake took her under his wing. Neither Rake nor Mari had contact with his left behind family because of the stress and strain imposed by them. Mari had returned to Cherry Lake after Rake died and has a bundle of messy things she has to do for him, including coming clean with Ethan about his son. She can only hope for the best outcome for both her son and for herself.

The Rain Watcher

the rain watcher

Set against the backdrop of Paris during relentless rain and a flooding Seine, Linden Malegarde is struggling against memories, fear and yearning as his family meets for his father’s birthday.

I may be way off base but I found so much symbolism in this touching novel that, to me, was significant. The statue of Zouave, a colonial soldier and the indicator to the city of the level of the Seine, measures the water like the rising memories of Linden from his childhood and from his former life in Paris. As the water rises, so does the number of memories Linden experiences and has to face. The unrelenting rain contrasts a family with unrelenting regrets. The isolation of the family in a safe hotel points to the isolation of the emotions each family member holds internally. The devastation of the city from the swelling and destructive river mirrors the devastation of a mother’s betrayal, of a father’s illness, and of a sister’s inability to come to terms with a harrowing car wreck.

Threaded through this story is Linden’s need to fully define himself and his relationship to his partner, Sacha, to his father. It is something Linden has avoided his entire adult life but feels circumstances give him the opening he has feared yet longed for.

I found the novel to be breathtaking and achingly beautiful as the family struggles are brought to the surface and explored.

In the Heat of the Moment

in the heat

This is a crazy, great novel that follows the police investigation of a murder on a resort island on the Midsummer night when teens flock to over indulge and trouble brews. The hard work of the police plays against teens with their stories of the night to hide-stories of drunkenness, of love gone wrong, of humiliation and of embarrassment. The stories they harbor tell the tale of a night gone wrong, horribly wrong and of parents granting too much leeway and freedom to young teens.

The Stranger on the Ice


Stranger on the Ice is a very complex thriller! It has twists and turns, suspicious characters, lovely folklore and a tense story. This is a terrific novel with well written characters and a wealth of detail for the locations, the people and the story itself.

Night of Miracles

night of miracles

Night of Miracles is a sweet novella that follows up after the novel The Story of Arthur Truluv.  The novel tells the story of several characters all interrelated and all touching the lives f the others. It describes the life of Lucille Howard after Arthur and her one true love have died. Her life goes on and at eighty-eight she is still full of zest as she teaches baking classes. Iris Winters has moved to the small town of Mason from her former life in Boston. On her first day in  town, she meets Tiny, a man way overweight and desperately in love with Monica. Jason,  Abby and Lincoln live next door to Lucille. They end up giving her more than she could ever imagine. As the days and months go by, the reader is shown how the actions of one can so affect the actions of others.

Adequate Yearly Progress


If you have ever worked in any business that always has some new program or idea that will improve, grow, better the situation/business, you will surely relate to this book. Even if you have not, you will engage with the story and the characters.

The trials of four teachers and a principal at Brae Hill Valley High School are told as the new and improved year progresses and impacts each of them. I liked that Ms. Elden included the characters’ lives outside the high school which gives them depth and connects them to their reactions to the newly instituted changes.

Having survived the same type of new program will improve productivity drudgery, I found myself cheering some teachers and cringing at others and at many situations described. I can totally get this book!