Here We Lie

Here We Lie

This is such a compelling novel that digs deep into the obstructions and barriers created when a family member goes to extremes to protect the reputation of her family. The dialog will make you gasp at the audacity of her and leave you wondering if the truth will ever come out. Friendships are destroyed. Trust is broken. Lies are covered and buried until the dam bursts and destroys the illusion of perfection procured by a dominant, overbearing mother.

She’s not There

shes not there


Joy Fielding’s novels are gripping and tightly woven into stories that grab ahold and do not let go until the very end.

This is a chilling and scary novel about a child’s disappearance and the forces that led to it. Excellently written to draw you into the emotional milieu of a mother trying to cope with the maybe’s of a kidnapped child finding her and what if’s if it is real. And the hard discovery of the true story of the child’s disappearance.

Bless her Heart

Bless Her Heart

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read as you follow the trials and tribulations, triumphs and growth of Posey as she experiences life from a much improved perspective.

She is living the shell of a life her preacher come cheater husband has created for her until she discovers his philandering. Off come her blinders to uncover the truth of her life: oppression and lies. Posey decides to turn her back on the religion she so believed and experience the Seven Deadly Sins firsthand. She finds an inner strength long absent and a strong will to really be the person she is.

The Husband Hour

The Husband Hour

This book is so well written, extremely engaging and one that I could not put down. The story is seamlessly written blending all the emotion attached to each character into a perfect mix. There are secrets that are being held onto on so many levels and the disclosure solidifies the plot.

Rory Kincaid was a professional hockey player who left the NHL to join the Army Rangers. His death in the service created a media spectacular and drove his bereft wife, Lauren, into seclusion. aShe has become a recluse, shunning any and all media limelight and lives in her family vacation home on the Jersey Shore.

Her idyllic life explodes when three things collide: her parent’s financial/marriage problems; her sister’s impending divorce; and a documentary being made about Rory. Her parents, her sister and son, and the documentary film maker all descend on her quiet life in one fell swoop.

Matt Brio has been working on his documentary since Rory’s death. He only needs Lauren’s interview to finalize the deal. She is reluctant but outside forces push her into agreeing. A curious interest in Matt and a spark in her heart pave the way for a could be relationship. But, when secrets are revealed, Lauren wishes she could return to her former peaceful normal.

Eight Hundred Grapes

Eight hundred grapes

This novel is now my favorite of the year. The exquisite writing, the blend of viniculture and families, and the story of a family in the grips of turmoil are a perfect blend in this excellent offering from Laura Dave.

Georgia flees her Los Angeles home, job, and fiancé seeking solace and comfort in her childhood home in Sonoma County. She finds not peace but twisting tales of infidelity, secrets and heartbreak amid the grapevines and beauty of the countryside. Instead, she encounters confusion rather than comprehension. Georgia strives to correct all the problems in her family while failing to face her own looming decisions.

Sweet Tea and Sympathy

sweet tea and sympathy

This is a funny, quirky book with so many endearing characters that will make you laugh out loud. It is well written with charm and wit.

The story is about the redemption of Margot Cary-exclusive party planner banned from the working community because of a planning nightmare disaster. She treated the ordeal with aplomb and composure only to find her reputation and career in flames. Exiled from every high and even low scale planning businesses, her only savior is a job offer from a family she was had no idea existed. The job is to coordinate funeral care and planning. Margot travels to the South, to a small community to meet her family and ultimately, herself.

Close Contact

close contact

Close Contact is a novel high on relationships and lusty sex with a mystery playing slowly but aggressively in the background. I love how the emphasis is on the relationship, its troubles and doubts and how it comes to resolution. The book is so much about Maxi and Miles finding each other that you almost forget about the threats to Maxi lurking in the shadows but it is there and just biding its time until it can hold back no longer.

Mind Game

mind game

This is an interesting book but a rather slow read. I honestly left it at times to pursue other books only to pick it up and read some more chapters. It contains a considerable amount of reference to previous novels with the same characters that I was not familiar with as of yet. At times, the book was very slow paced then amp up only to slow back down again.

There is a paranormal theme of thought transference, blood slowing/speeding, and mind manipulation for empathy or for harm. It takes place mainly in Scotland on a fog shrouded lake where characters from a previous novel are trying to uncover a hidden cache of treasure. Amid this setting, a paranormal thought/blood manipulator, Caleb, is desperately trying to free his sister from harm and learn what evil hides behind her abduction. He needs the help of Jane who is able to communicate telepathically with Lisa, Caleb’s sister. There is a strong attraction between Jane and Caleb that they both forcefully resist that cannot and will not be denied.

Then Came You

Just Came You

Then Came you is such a moving book. There is struggle on each of the main character’s sides, struggles of insecurity and doubt for personal reasons.

Mia and her nephew Ben moved to Compass Cove to live with her Nana. She wants to provide a better and more secure home for Ben in a small town. She has been unfairly criticized by her mother her entire life and is haunted by never living up to her mother’s ideal.

Adam Miller is an ex-NFL player and a formerly reckless playboy. He coaches football at the local college where Mia works. After a horrific car crash, Adam straightened up and is remaking his whole life. He is haunted by his past and wonders if anyone will forget how he was and accept how he is now.

When Adam and Mia meet, there is an instant chemistry. Mia has trouble believing Adam could even care about her and Ben. He feels like he’ll fail both her and Ben. But, Mia is changing and finally growing secure in herself and can only hope Adam will stay around. Adam is in the same boat-hoping Mia will stay and see him in his new light.

I look forward to the next book in the series to see who is next to find true north in Compass Cove.

Always You

always You

I do not think a love story can get any better or sweeter than that of what is told in Always You. The writing is not too sentimental in telling the story of Matt and Anna’s past and is just enough for one to begin to really care about what unfolds as they face each other. They are in different lives and places than they were after college when Anna fled to London to escape her forever mourning mother and left Matt in the lurch, engagement ring in hand. Anna ruptured his heart and time has not completely healed it. Matt never anticipated seeing Anna again, much less with a son, but fate brought them together to face the past and possible forge a future.