Moondust Lake

Moondust Lake

Wow! This is some novel filled with great writing and a tense storyline. It has a family teetering toward total and utter destruction. There is a son intent on capturing his demons and put things right. There is the wife and mother trying desperately to find what remains of the love her husband once held for his family.  It is a rugged journey for every character to find peace.

A Cowboy and a Promise

a cowboy and a promise

Warring ideas and desires create an inviting challenge in this delightful tale of progress vs. status quo and love vs. ambition. Ava Howell, at the request of her dying best friend, moves her life temporarily to Texas to fulfill her friend’s promise to create a ghost town development project. Disagreeably standing in objection to the project is Beau Paxton. If he had his way, the project would die in the Texas sun. Working with Beau and proving her worth, Ava learns that there is more to life in Texas than she ever imagined.

A Soldier’s Return

A Soldiers Return

This is a lovely story and so engaging about a lost soul and a love weary woman finding exactly what they need in each other. I loved the way their relationship developed through care and concern for each other, all the while each fighting the pull to love.

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the rules.jpg

This was, at times, a very tough book to digest because of the trials the main character, Isabelle, endured and how these trials affected her entire life. At times, I wanted to throttle her and tell her to get some counseling because her inner turmoil was too much to bear. The story itself is so worth reading as she begins a rough journey to healing helped along by a very caring boyfriend and a tough question asking counselor.

Snowflakes at Lavender Bay


Snowflakes at Lavender Bay is such an endearing story of two people searching for something to bring fulfillment to their lives. They find each other but lies of omission, fears and insecurities work together to stop and start what could prove to be the fulfillment they seek.

The House at Flynn’s Crossing

house at Flynns

The synopsis I read on The House at Flynn’s Crossing sounded like something I would enjoy reading. However, as many times as I tried to get into the book, I found it to be an OK novel that covers the same ground repeatedly and becomes rather tedious. Perhaps that method was to accentuate the slow progress the character of Antonia Farris is making to readjust to life after having been abducted and hidden for five years in a horrible situation.

I am sure many will find the book rich and enjoyable but for me, it was just not happening.

Not Quite Over You

Not Quite Over You

Susan Mallery novels are always a delight and captivating. She has a certain flair for probing the why’s of a relationship: why they once failed; why they would not work or work again; why are these two people butting heads when love is right there waiting for them.

In Not Quite Over You, the reader sees the complexity of the past and present for Silver Tesdal and Drew Lovato. Their teen love was abandoned when he went to college and the seemingly dead flame was not quite thoroughly extinguished. Twelve years later and a dilemma for Silver cause them both to look at the future and all its unknowns in their relationship and see if there is something called love waiting for them.

A True Cowboy Christmas

True Cowboy1

This is a novel to read slowly and savor to the hilt. It is sweet but also intense, mesmerizing and absorbing as you wade the waters of the lives of Gray Everett and Abby Douglas and the relationship that develops between them. His back story, her back story and how they combine, antagonize and blend creates an enthralling story to slowly enjoy as it unfolds. Both Gray and Abby have compelling stories of their own verbally abusive parents and of how they both valiantly fought to rise above while harboring demons from the deep cuts that parents can inflict.

It is a novel well worth your time to read and enjoy.

The Military Wife

the military wife

The Military Wife has entered the small domain of my To Be Reread Many Times books. It is a small list of books that have touched me down deep and that call to me to read them. There is so much to love about The Military Wife: characters that resonate emotions and deep seated fears, a plot that is real and relatable (regardless of the military aspect), struggles that anyone can either relate to or empathize with, and excellent writing that draws the reader in completely and holds them throughout the entire book.
To summarize, Harper Lee Wilcox was left widowed and pregnant when her SEAL husband was killed on deployment. She has managed to raise a wonderful five year old boy, maintain a lackluster job and come out of her grief. She does not recognize that her life is lacking until she connects with her military wife friend, Allison, and they hatch a plan to help other military wives. A chance mention by Allison, moves Harper to contact Bennett Caldwell, the SEAL teammate that was with Harper’s husband when he died. They begin to develop feelings for each other but the shadowy presence of her husband flits back and forth between them.
Reading about the determination of both Harper and Bennett and their respective hesitations is stirring and unforgettable.

Forget You Know Me

Forget you know me

Intense! Simply intense! What a fabulous, twisting, nerve wracking novel Forget You Know Me turned out to be. Secrets abound and fears mount for Molly, Daniel and Liza as they traverse rocky and treacherous ground. Each of them is dealing (poorly) with events that have happened to them separately. It all begins when Liza sees a stranger in Molly’s house while they are video chatting and goes downhill fast from there. The real question is whether any of them will face their dilemmas and seek solutions before it all gets too far out of hand.