More Christmas Novels!

Tule Publishing is a relatively new publishing company that I am fortunate to be on the reviewing team. Tule concentrates on romance in a variety of forms: cowboy, bad boys, paranormal, racy. They never fail to amaze me with the caliber of the writing and the excellence of the stories. Many of their Christmas stories are on my other Christmas Novels page:

A Vicarage Christmas-Kate Hewitt                  The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride-Laurie LeClair

A Hummingbird Christmas-Karen Foley          The Jingle Bell Bride-Scarlet Wilson

The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels-Debra Holt    A Chance for Christmas-Joanne Rock

Christmas, Alabama-Susan Sands

Here are a ton more for you to check out and enjoy!

Love in Dublin


I am going to start with the book that I absolutely loved and will undoubtedly read countless times more.

Love in Dublin is such a lovely, tender and moving book. Deep in the story are pensive moments of emotion and soul searching by the characters Maggie Spencer and Colin McKinnon as they move toward each other yet a distance is maintained. Both Maggie and Colin have deep seated issues that rule over their lives. For Maggie, it is a very real fear of ever falling in love again and losing the very person who completes you. For Colin, it’s a loneliness of spirit, of having given up his dreams and of not feeling able to pursue them again.

Maggie and Colin are in need of someone to bring life back into their being and they, ultimately, find it in each other.

The Baronet’s Wedding


This book is part of The Royal Wedding Invitation series along with The Prince’s Bride by Sophie Weston, The Best Man’s Bride by Anne McAllister, and The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard by Liz Fielding.

It’s a really sweet take on the stuffy, stodgy man falling for the vibrant, alive woman. Sir Max Kennard offers the use of his large estate kitchen to Flora Deare, best friend and cater for his sister’s royal wedding. Max then begrudgingly permits Flora to move into his estate for convenience.

Neither of them expect to like the other much less feel something more. Fate is fickle and always has different ideas for everyone.

The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard


This is a charming and captivating story that hovers over then jumps into trust issues which hamper the promise of love. It takes place in the months ahead of a royal wedding. Count Fredrik Jensson is the epitome of a royal bodyguard: steely looking and gorgeous. Ally Parker, the royal wedding’s PR person, can be tough as nails but she is a lovely person inside who knows how to keep secrets. She learned this in her former job as a gossip columnist, one she was fired from for keeping secrets. She is a perfect match for Fredrik if they both can trust each other completely and totally.


best man bride

I loved it! I loved the story and the characters. It is a well written from their perspectives and touching.

Celie (Celina) and Jack met and fell in love in college. He embarked on a highly successful career in a band, loving her more and more each day until a huge error in communication and trust destroyed their marriage. Celie loved Jack with all her heart but fears from her father’s mistakes drove her to distrust Jack and leave him.

He’s never stopped loving Celie and fully intends to use every moment possible at their friend’s wedding to win her back. She only needs to hear and believe his side of what happened.

His Christmas Bride

xmas bride

This is a terrific story about a man engaged to the wrong woman and the woman who was truly meant for him.

Lucas St. Claire is home for Christmas and to introduce the woman he is engaged to. His family is totally unaware that he was serious about any woman. Erin Tanner is the woman Lucas should be engaged to. She embodies all he really loves in his inner self: ranching and not business, the outdoors and not stuffy offices. She lives at the ranch he has loved since he was young and live the life he loves and values.

The sections that talk about Lucas ST. Claire’s inner struggle with his decision to marry are perfect. You can sense how years of fast decisions have haunted him into the position he is in. When he connects with Erin, there is a past he cannot deny and a future that has to change.

A Baby for Christmas

baby for xmas

A  snowstorm, an in labor woman, and a man in need of love join forces to form a sweet story of connections that will not be broken.

Mia is on her way to her sister’s home when she is stuck in a snowstorm and slides off the road. She bravely sets out n search of help, all the while knowing she is in full blown labor. The lights from the office of a local cherry orchard beckon her and she finds Will at work. He jumps to the call and delivers Mia’s baby boy. From there, a deep connection is formed for all three that time and distance will not break.

His Christmas Princess

xmas princess

This is a classic story of love within borders that need to change. In this case, it is love between a future king and a single mother commoner. Willow, single mom and hard working part of the castle event team, is also the best friend of the fiancé of Prince Ronan. His brother, Emory, is the crowned prince and not a happy man. His encounters with Willow leave him wanting something more than all that he has. She is different. She doesn’t seem to care that he is going to be king. She sees him for real. Willow is falling for Emory but is sane enough to realize it will go nowhere because of her standing. It is life as it could be if borders and boundaries shift for Emory and the kingdom.

Their Christmas Carol

xmas carol

A second chance can be risky especially if too much lies in the path to obstruct it. This is a story of the possibility of a second chance but it is still complicated by the reasons the first chance failed.

For Nat Hathaway and Linea Olsen, their lives and love separated so each could pursue their dreams. They were so young and could not see any way to dovetail their futures. When they meet up again, the same roadblocks exist, only Linea and Nat are older and perhaps wiser and dreams can change and evolve to better fit the picture and the future.


A Little Christmas Magic

 little xmas magic

This is a cute story with a lot of “buts, what ifs, and darn its” throughout.

Holly McGuire arrived in the small town of Marietta, Montana to meet up with friends of her deceased husband in order to spread his ashes on the Montana soil he loved. She also has a plan for one of the guys to fulfill her desire to finally become a mother. Trey Reyes, one of the friends, has long loved Holly and is hoping this will be his opportunity to open Holly’s eyes and heart to him. There is a full blown desire in each of then but her plans are set and she cannot see Trey as the one to fulfill them and walk away. With the help of a mysterious older woman, though,  I might just happen anyway.

Once Upon a Texas Christmas

once upon_

Logan Calloway left the town of Whisky River and the past his father caused behind him. He made his own way as an actor and kept an office base in Whiskey River even though he never quite felt accepted there as more than Danny Calloway’s son. He wrestles with the deep seated notion that he, too, could become the drunken, wife/son beater his of his father’s legacy.

Avery Burton is Logan’s Whiskey River assistant. She has her own trust issues from her parent’s aloof, insensitive parenting. She has built her own life on stability and resourcefulness while always keeping people and love at arms’ length.

Both Logan and Avery are surprised at their immediate chemistry when they finally come face-to-face. They battle inwardly because of their fears but the scent of lavender swirling around them seems to be present and push them together in the sweetest ways.


A Texas Christmas Past

texas past

A feisty ghost matchmaker, Felicity, begins her work of matching up true loves in this tale of a Christmas long ago. She was engaged to Drew Harwood and died in 1917 just after he returned from WWI. Drew was shaken to the core and coupled with his injuries from the war, determined he would never again venture out for love.

Being plagued by what is now PTSD, Drew suffered horrifying nightmares. This reality causes him to close off even further until Audra Donaldson comes to stay at the Harwood Bed and Breakfast. She is sister to Drew’s ranch manager and is planning on a one month visit. Drew is completely thrown by the desire he feels for her.

Audra has been trained as a nurse in the newest treatment for PTSD and offers to help Drew after she discovers him in the grips of a nightmare. She feels the same desire for him, however, the circumstances of his fear may prevent anything, healing or love, from coming to fruition.

Their Christmas Miracle

xmas miracle

Tracey Blevin and Hunter Wood are lonely people trying their best to create a better life for themselves. Hunter was in prison for a horrible accident. He learned to cook and saved enough money to open his own diner. Tracey has accepted life as it is and works as an RN afternoons and makes pies in Hunter’s kitchen until the late hours. They have a working relationship that revolves around food and pies. Tracey is the spark of life Hunter needs and they grow to have a close friendship. When tragedy strikes his cousin and Hunter finds himself guardian to an infant son, Tracey becomes the one person he can rely on for help. As the days and weeks go by, Hunter and Tracey grow closer and their relationship borders on love, a love built on trust, friendship and a little baby boy.

A Texas Christmas Reunion

xmas reunion

Love and magic are in the air in Whiskey River when Savannah Taylor and Harlan Sullivan reunite at the annual Christmas ball. There is a ton of chemistry still present and sparking between them. A long ago break up with lingering anger for her and hurt for him lays the unsteady path to a true reunion. The source of their heartache is still trying to tear them apart. They are older and wiser and not the resource empty teens they were and finally get to take control over the situations that arise.

Christmas at the Graff

graff xmas

Past hurt that cuts deep peppers this story of building and re-building relationships in a small town full of Christmas spirit.

Jemma Banks is only in Marietta to assist her injured father. When he is will enough, she is out of there. He left their family high and dry with no explanation when she was fifteen. Jemma’s wounded heart is determined to keep the non-relationship intact.

EJ Corpa has a painful childhood that has made him very independent and wary of any form of love. He is Jemma’s father’s physical therapist and becomes alarmingly close to Jemma. They grow so close that someone has to decide to risk it all and take a chance on love.

Have Yourself a Crazy Little Christmas

crazy christmas

Christmas is a time for family and it becomes a crazy set-up when Melody Grey decides to bring all her exes together for her 50th birthday. Chaos ensues as they all vie for her attention. Her daughter, Devyn, is playing her customary role in taking control and establishing order.

Throwing Devyn out of control is her almost step-brother, Vaughn. He has entered the fray causing Devyn more thrill and confusion over how he makes her feel and desire. She has a myriad of struggles to come to terms with and to overcome in order to truly see Vaughn as something better than good.

Christmas Glitter

xmas glitter

Dakota Moore has moved to Cherry Lake to escape her overly protective parents and start over in her metal business. A car accident ruined the nerves in her fingers and doing the fine jewelry work of her past is long gone. She meets Adam Clements when she goes to retrieve the keys from the realty office and he is filling in for his ill father. Adam lives in Seattle and is a pro soccer player. He does not see himself staying in Cherry Lake forever.

Something about Dakota rattles his heart and coupled with the news of his father’s heart disease, Adam finds himself facing possible career altering plans. As he and Dakota work together on projects in Cherry Lake, the possibility for more lingers at their fingertips.