Not in Her Wildest Dreams

Not in Her Wildest Dreams

I loved this book because of the many layers to each character’s story that are interrelated and spun together to make a whole picture.

Sterling and Paige are at the center of a journey to pull together their respective family’s joint business problems both to their chagrin. They have a hard history together that has constructed an impenetrable wall around each of them. Working together is not going to be easy or amiable. They are jolted by family secrets that randomly appear and are purposely thrown in their paths. Underneath is all is a current of love that could have been and might just still be if only it was allowed to surface and ride above the river of doubts and hurt.

I found myself loving both Paige and Sterling as they worked toward each other, are torn apart and start back again. There is so much hidden to be uncovered as the whole story progresses that to keep reading is a must.

Before Ever After

Before Never After

This is an absolutely incredible book-well written, engaging, thoughtful and compelling. It tells the story of a man whose life is not as it seems, of the woman who loved him and of the grandson who is seeking to find him. All this is tied into the telling of a story within of the lives this man, Max, has lived and of the story those lives really tell.

In the opening chapter is Shelley, widow to Max, meeting a man who claims he is Max’s grandson. Paolo, the grandson, is the age Max was when he died five years prior. From this point, the story of Shelley and Max unfold in the telling of the memories Shelley has of her meeting and falling in love with Max. The stories are of the history of places Max leads people to in his small tour business in Europe. Paolo has heard each one but as a child growing up as Max raised him. Confusion and, finally, understanding come to Shelley and Paolo as they travel to a remote Philippine island in search of Max.

There are colorful tales of Max’s historical past written with a passion to convey Max’s emotions in each. The stories become the ultimate path to Max.



Novels by Catherine Coulter draw you into the story in the first chapters and hold you there, spellbound and filled with suspense until the last word. Enigma is right there with captivating stories that drive the novel to the end.

One story is of the actions of an escaped convict with blackmail and freedom as motivations. Manta Ray was convicted of bank robbery. He managed to hide the contents of the safe deposit box he took and when his successful escape happens, he puts into motion his plans to get rid of any person in his way to money and freedom.

In the second parallel story, a baby has been kidnapped from the hospital after a hostage situation with his mother and a deranged man who is claiming he is only protecting the baby. He ends up in the same hospital as the mother, in a coma. Savich and Sherlock, FBI agents are quick to action to work on uncovering the mystery of the unconscious man and the kidnapped baby.

Magnolia Nights

Magnolia Nights

This is a fast paced book, wonderfully written to convey the emotions of the characters in true form

Charleston, SC is the setting in this mystery/romance of a woman seeking answers to lost memories, memories that have plagued her for decades. Ellie has only fragmented and horrible memories of her early childhood fraught with the recall of a tyrannical grandmother and a sickly mother. The only saving grace is a loving housekeeper who managed to inject some love and warmth into Ellie’s lost, lonely existence.

When Ellie is notified that she has inherited the estate of her wretched grandmother in Charleston, she travels back there and back into a time of lost memories, of before she was sent to live with a father she did not know existed. There is a horribly wrong story in Ellie’s past that she bravely seeks to learn.

The Almost Sisters

Almost Sisters

This is a heart wrenching story filled with the love of family and friends that will bring tears to your eyes and unrest to your heart. It is about Birdie, Wattie, Leis and Rachel and the relationships that have ruled or ruined their lives. The scene is modern day Alabama and the sadness that is residual racism flourishing under the town cover.

The secret hiding in Birdie’s attic brings it all front and center as Leia tries to cope with it and make sense of so many events that shake up her world.

The Almost Sisters is well worth your time to read.

Merry and Bright

merry and bright

I thoroughly enjoyed this light hearted story of two people experiencing and meeting on a dating web site. The relationship of Merry and Jay involves many online chats before they take the plunge to meet face-to-face. Complications to meeting ensue for both of them and some irrational mistakes almost ruin everything.

A Cowboy Rides Away

the cowboy rides away

A Cowboy Rides Away is book three of the Marvells of Montana series by Jeannie Watt. It is the story of Megan Marvel and Jason Mann. I loved this book because of the sheer grit exhibited by Megan. She has been a peace maker all her life, avoiding confrontation at all costs. When the love of her life, Jason, appears after a two year absence, Meg draws in her fears and finds a way to put herself back in his life. She wants closure to his abrupt departure and needs to find out what really happened.

Unbeknownst to Meg, Jason has very personal deeply hidden reasons for leaving her even though it has left an unfillable void in him. As Megan shows a different and new aspect of herself, will Jason be led to face his demons and be honest or will he run again? Meg is determined to try and try again to reach the inner core of his heart.

Hot Touch

Hot touch

This is a reissue of an earlier book by Deborah Smith that I had never read. No matter how old the book, if it’s by her, it will be captivating, engaging and inspired. Every word, every sentence draws the reader deeply into a compelling story filled with emotion.

Hot Touch is such a story. A woman who detests her heritage is called to work in the heart of what she hates. Caroline Fitzsimmons is an animal trainer gifted at reaching animal actors when all else fails. Deep in the Cajun country of Louisiana is a wolf that won’t cooperate with his owner, Paul Belue. He’s never encountered such behavior from Wolf and believes no outside trainer can do anything. Caroline is not an average trainer Paul soon learns. Plus, there is something more present drawing them together, even as Caroline fights it.

The story artfully unfolds as the tenuous relationship grows. Caroline is hiding the truth of her hatred of all things Cajun and of her unique gift. Paul is determined to uncover the why’s.

Sweet Dreams Baby

Sweet Dreams Baby

If you haven’t read any of Tule Publishing’s Love at the Chocolate Shop series books, you have missed out on some fun reading. Sweet Dreams Baby brings the story of Portia and Austin to the pages. Portia has played a background character in the other books and I was happy to finally read her tale.
A single mother, Portia has been torn by her decision to leave Austin in Seattle before she knew she was pregnant. His rodeo life and her anxiety drove her back to Marietta, Montana, never divulging to anyone who the father is.
Whenever Austin came searching for Portia, he came up empty by her design until she gathers the nerve to contact him. Her letter just says it’s time to talk. finding out about his son ruins all hope of Austin to reunite with Portia, his only love. He and she have many bridges to cross before they can resolve anger, resentment and distrust.

Along Came a Ranger

along came a ranger

I don’t know any cowboys but that doesn’t stop me from reading books about them. Sometimes I get in a cowboy groove and lately this is true. Bear with me!

This book has a little bit of mystery and a lot of confusion that ensue when Ranger Davis McKenna and Stacey Smith (aka Sabrina Noelle) meet at a hotel gym and later get stuck in an elevator. He’s a cowboy and she is so not ever going to date, much less consider, a cowboy. He has other ideas about that and subtly chases her showing her little by little that all cowboys are not created equal.

A huge misunderstanding ruins all his work and drives a wedge between them that will take a sledge hammer to destroy.

Just say, there’s a little girl, a creepy politician, a plan to destroy someone and other things blending into a terrific story.