Tule Publishing Books

Tule is a relatively new publishing company that offers a wide variety of book genres. The beginnings were in developing a small Montana town, Marietta, from the ground up, including its history and town fathers. Many of the Tule books center on Marietta or in the areas surrounding it. The company has branched into many other areas of interest-a honeymoon prize series, a princess series, a sheik series, and New York series to name a few.

Tule offers many well-known and promising authors to the reader. I find their books to be delightful on one hand and gritty on another. I have found many characters that have been merely introduced and later written about to be fun. Some of the books have soft or no sex scenes while others make you wonder what you may be missing!

Top Shelf

top shelf

I really enjoy the McLaughlin’s series from Shelli Stevens. They contain wit and dilemmas surrounding the brothers and sister living in Washington and coping with the opportunity to love that each of them faces. In Top Shelf, it is Kenzie’s story of finding love, through a series of ups and downs created by a cautious, once bit Navy officer. Plus, Kenzie has a horrible experience in her past that truly thwarts her desire to reach out and connect. The story of how she and Brett finally connect is fraught with turmoil, misunderstandings and misconceptions.

 You Send Me

you send me

This is an engaging book about two people finding and denying love due to emotional burdens they conceal, creating wariness and doubt. Jordan Velsor and Nick Rinaldi live in Compass Cove, a small town known for the compass that will indicate true love when held. Jordan has been hurt by her ex-fiancé who she caught cheating on the day before their wedding. Gun shy and wary of her developing feelings for Nick, she battles with them while he helps her recover from pneumonia and navigate her father’s terminal illness. Nick harbors a secret he does not feel he can share with anyone about the circumstances surrounding his injury in Afghanistan. This keeps him from fully engaging in the developing feelings he has for Jordan and causes her to back away because he does not trust her enough to open up.

Whiskey River Rockstar


This is a well written, engaging story and one of the really well done Whiskey River series. I have enjoyed the previous two books, Whiskey River Rescue and Whiskey River Runaway. This book does not disappoint. The references to the first two books are incorporated in a way to help the two main characters come to a better understanding of the pent up emotions and fears they harbor and add to the story in a brilliant manner.

If you read Whiskey River Rockstar first, I can guarantee you will want to read the others in the series, too.

Doctor’s Orders


This is a cute book about a seemingly flighty young woman who finds her true calling in Cherry Lake. She is supported by her sisters’ belief in her abilities and strong determination to finally prove herself to her parents. When she meets the buttoned up doctor next door to her store, she finds a man with a story she seeks to uncover.

The Rancher’s Secret Son

secret son

Isn’t it true how secrets can be discovered and change everything? This is especially true when the secret involves an unknown son sixteen years old. Piper Beauregard has kept her son, Tristen, a secret form El Merrick. She had never had any intention of telling him but fate has finally caught up with her. To confuse the issue more, she was Eli’s brother’s girlfriend just hours before her night with Eli.

Eli doe not take the news lightly and moves Tristen (and Piper) to the family home in Montana. His desire to to get to know, to bond and to form a relationship with his son. Underneath it all is the simmering to boiling attraction between Piper and Eli that they both try desperately to contain, pushing and pulling against each others’ wants and needs.

A Hot Montana Summer

This is an appealing story of determination fraught with the twists and turns that make up love. All that keeps Rachel McCafferty from seriously considering the chemistry between her and Jamie Coulter is the difference in age between them. Jamie doesn’t see it as anything to be bothered by especially since he’s been attracted to her since his teens.

At a lucky moment in time, he sees his chance to win her over, age difference or not. Her reluctance wavers in the face of their chemistry and maybe, just maybe, she will relent.

Resisting the Doctor


This is an engaging story of re-inventing one’s life decisions to include possible love. Drs. Lucy Davidson and Thomas McAvoy have a growing attraction in starts and stops as life, other relationships and misunderstandings interrupt what could be a loving future. Working and living side-by-side should provide ample opportunity but their pasts and its intrusion keeps a simple progression to live behind road blocks and detours.

Punk Rock Cowgirl


What I anticipated in this book paled in comparison to the writing, the story and the well developed characters. I felt swept into the longing of the characters for each other hampered by their distrust, insecurities and fears. Damian and McKenna belong together; they are soul mates separated by vindictive and intrusive relatives who deem McKenna unworthy for Damian, even though she is his wife and perfect for him. McKenna fled Damian and the town four years prior and is only returning for her unloving grandmother’s memorial and will reading. In the course of seeing Damian again, she knows it is time to confess why she left, not knowing if there is still love awaiting her. McKenna’s life itself is a mess and it is Damian that might be the one to pull things back together and upright their relationship.

Finding Her Montana Cowboy

montana cowboy.jpg

This is a sweet, sweet book filled with great characters and believable back stories. I loved how both main characters, Wyatt and McKenna, are afraid to let anyone enter their hearts. They are totally unarmed when love really faces them, hard as they try to deny it.

Wyatt has had a world of struggles since a rodeo accident left him unable to compete any more. While he is recovering, a long ago girlfriend drops a bomb in his life in the form of a daughter. The girlfriend has decided she is not mother material and signs away Kaiti to Wyatt. Kaiti is withdrawn and very slow to get close to anyone, until she meets McKenna. Their bond is immediate much to Wyatt’s consternation. He met McKenna earlier and felt a chemistry but no way is he going to further mess up his and Kaiti’s lives by pursuing her. McKenna has been a free spirit, traveling the world looking for the next adventure. The loss of her mother has left a gaping hole in her heart that she tries to fill with travel. Finding herself back in town with her four older, settled sibling brothers causes McKenna to begin the process of re-evaluating her life and motives. Blocking her heart is a fear that loving equals losing. She is not prepared for the pull Wyatt (and Kaiti) have on her but it keeps roping her back to them.

Recipe for Disaster


This is a fantastic book chock filled with action, romantic mystery and twists. An innocent White House pastry chef suddenly becomes the prey for a ct-throat killer who is ruthless in pursuit of her. On her side is a gorgeous hunk of dimpled cheeks who is driven by his dedication to service and to her survival. The fact that she upsets his perfectly orchestrated world is priceless.

Wedding At the Graff


When two former close friends find themselves on opposite sides of a dilemma, what is there to do but fall in love? Maybe, but then again, how about finding a viable solution first? That is the spot Garrett Hawley has put Michael Donovan in: to get back a priceless ring that has wrought problems for Colleen Flannigan’s family and rightfully belongs to them. When she and Garrett got engaged, the ring was hers. Now that they have called it off, the rind is still hers. Michael is to get it back. The trick is to how to do it without alienating his true friend and love, Colleen.


 Finding True North



Life has a way of not always following the same path we want it to follow and veers off into unforeseen places. This is what has happened to Paige-freshly divorced mother of two year old Nathan, finding herself where she never envisioned. A simple lie about her status jumbles what could be the start if a nice relationship with high school friend, Everett. He harbors his own secret-too recent and painful to voice. The question is whether her lie and his secret will eventually destroy everything for them.

Take A Chance on Me


Take a Chance on Me is a delightful novel with a strong lead woman who earned her independence through strong work and commitment. Amanda Wright grew up in the saddest of conditions on the wrong side of the tracks and has worked hard and long to bring her life into better light and strength. She found a true friend in Bette Justice, older woman who befriended Amanda and has helped her financially to establish her beauty salon. Bette is the supportive woman Amanda so needed in her life. Enter Ty James or Tyler James Justice, Bette’s grandson and skeptic of Amanda’s friendship with Bette. He is in Marietta only to persuade his grandmother to move from her home to Austin where he lives. He is not prepared for the reality of his grandmother: strong, independent, healthy, vibrant. In no uncertain terms is she moving to Austin and leaving her extensive network of friends and activities. In both Bette and Amanda, Ty has met his match. Plus, his misinterpretation of information on Amanda and his preconceived notions of what she is, makes for a long and hard road for Ty, especially when he cannot get her out of his mind!

In with the Tide


In with the Tide is a charming story filled with conflicting emotions and warring feelings. When two old friends intersect on a Cape Cod highway, life changes for both of them.

Lindsay Hunter saved Damien Trent many times when they were young and poles apart. He never forgot her sincerity and she never forgot him. When circumstances bring them together, a love erupts with its own volatility of insecurity and trust weariness. A lot has to happen to change insecurity to trust if the relationship is to survive.

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the Cape Cod Shore novels.


From the Top

from the top

It was a little slow getting into this next in the Blue Spruce Lodge series mainly because I am not a fan of repetition. Once It got past the repetition of emotional elements, the story took off and many passionate encounters happen, twisting complicating circumstances for the characters of Ilke ands n Matt. Many questions needed to be addressed and answered with viable solutions found in order for Matt and Ilke to find their way together.  I did love the ending!

Valentines at the Graff

Valentines Graff

I just loved this story about three lost souls finding their way through each other. The writing is clever and brings the feelings of the character to life and leads to really caring about what happens to each of them together and individually.

Miranda Evans, Wittman Telford and young Petal have all suffered emotional upheaval and hurts from not fitting into their respective families. All three need the security brought by understanding, acceptance and love. Petal embraces it; Witt runs from it; Miranda yearns for it.

The blending of their relationships by a fate bigger than them creates a very sweet and appealing story.

Undercover Princess


This is a delightful story loosely based on the Cinderella fairytale: a shoe discarded, a prince searching for a young woman in hiding. All in a modern day setting with glamour, glitz, and romance. At the heart of the story is a crime involving the evil stepmother and it is more than just locking Cinderella away in her room.
It is an easy to read, fun and engaging story and one of the Castles of Dallas book series. I am looking forward to the next chapter in this set.


Valentine Charms


I am partial to Ann McAllister’s books because they are always fun, a tad spicy and written very well. This novella is all that and more.

The story revolves around a young woman, Jane Kitto, a long ago friend/love, Zach Stoner, and her charm bracelet. She has received charms since she was young, always thinking they came from her grandmother even after she died. The charms were so representative of the joys and trials of her life that it was a mystery of how that could happen. In this story are recollections of Jane and Zach’s past history which infuses itself into their current climate. It is a cute, sweet and enjoyable novella!

Straight No Chasers


The tales of the McLaughlin family continue with Colin McLaughlin and Hailey. It is an engaging story about how long held misperceptions and grudges can influence and restrain a possible relationship.  Haley was long ago responsible for the heartbreak and devastation of Colin’s twin, Ian. Colin has no forgiveness for the actions of Haley and it is evident in how he represents himself to her. Haley knows what she did was wrong but Colin has no knowledge of her motives and the desperation she had found herself facing. The question is whether Colin can understand and forgive or will he continue to harbor deep seated resentment for Haley. When faced with the truth, can Colin make an informed decision?

What the Moon Saw

moon saw


What an interesting and captivating story! Imagine being transported years back in history and having to come to terms with a society so vastly different from what you know. This is the case for Lucy Shaw when she finds herself not in 2016 but 1926 and everything is completely different. She has left a translating job with the FBI to find herself in a society that has few jobs for women, that has few protections for them and that treats the wealthy as gods. Plus, she is dependent on the man who rescued her, not sure if she can trust him.

It is interesting how her new struggles are portrayed and how she learns to cope with a new reality. Added to this is the intense drawing to the local sheriff who has his own story of time transport and of their connection to each other. And there is an element of suspense in the form of a case that she was working on for the FBI that has roots several hundred years prior and being investigated by the man who rescued her.

Valentine Kisses


This is a charming story about finding love in the right place but at the wrong time. The main characters, Bella Moore and Jake Woods, are complete opposites. She is a TV chef, a whirlwind in constant motion and movement. He is a staid, calm man with a teenage son to look out for. For Bella, landing in Cherry Lake is a forced time of rest by her producer who is afraid she might burnout. She is not looking for romance or for a new home. Jake has been a widow for many years and has rarely dated or tried to fill his wife’s place in his life. Bella captures his attention and he cannot get away from the emotions and longing she stirs up in him. He does the same for her but Bella’s home is Seattle and unless she can perform a miracle, it will always be Seattle.

One More Round

One More

One More Round is a captivating story about second chances revolving around deception, hidden motives and fear. Sarah Rawlings fell madly in love with Ian McLaughlin in high school. Planning to find a way to stay on Whidbey Island when her father was deployed to Japan, Sarah instead leaves Ian behind with hurting words. Being caught in bed with one of her good friends sealed his doom.

Eleven years later Sarah is back after her grandmother dies and leaves her a house. Sarah has no intention of seeing Ian but fate and his family have other ideas. She has harbored a secret those eleven years from Ian and even his sister, Kenzie, her still best friend does not know. Disclosure would bring trauma for everyone and Sarah only hopes her month long stay will never uncover her secret. But, a month is a long time.

Branded by Firelight


On the day of her sister’s wedding, Claire rand escapes to her car, riddles with emotion overflowing and removing the joy from the day. A year prior she gave up her infant daughter for adoption and seeing her birthday pictures is too much to bear. Ben Nichols finds her sitting alone and her sad, miserable state ignites a curiosity in him to uncover the truth behind it and the sadness that lurks in her eyes. Ben has his own demons to conquer when his long absent deserting mother shows up out of the blue and several years too late.

Branded by Firelight is a tender story of two people finding ehat they need in each other of of filling the empty spaces In their hearts.


Unsolicited Advice


I so enjoyed this often funny book with the engaging dialog, character thoughts and story. There is a sort of mystery to it that causes both main characters to trip up with each other, too.

It starts with the funny way Heidi Bluth and William Henry Charles Rutherford encounter each other: he’s caught in her rose bush thorns looking like a burglar or a stalker; she’s in the kitchen gaping at him and hits her head on the kitchen counter. He’s not a burglar or stalker and rather concerned about whether or not she’s hurt. Leaving his pants in the roses, he goes to try and see if she’s fine. She is fine but has a panic attack which he helps her out of. Crazy!

Heidi is an anonymous advice columnist. William found her to make her fix his life that her column ruined. He proposes that she goes with him to rectify her error. She agrees and finds herself o a four day trek to finish a bucket list. All along he proves himself invaluable to her and they begin to fall in love but the mystery holds them back.

It’s a crazy kind of story with all kinds of questions a normal person would have before embarking on a journey with a stranger but, hey, it’s a story and it all works together to make a witty, captivating read you might enjoy.


Her Forbidden Warrior


This is the second book in the MacClean series and is just as great as the first, His Big Mistake. I love the mental dialog and Her Forbidden Warrior has telling sections of what both characters are feeling, thinking and fighting.

Cora MacClean was cheated on by her fiancé, Brad, who absconded with their savings and with her family heirloom ring. He fled to parts unknown and Cora’s brother, Malcolm hires his best friend, Lucas Hart, to find Brad and get the ring back. Lucas runs a global business dealing in fraud and crisis response. Unbeknownst to Lucas, Cora has taken it upon herself to track down Brad when she learns where he is to get the ring and get a few things off her chest. She is unaware of the danger lurking around Brad and it’s up to Lucas to rescue her before it’s too late.

Underneath all the trouble is a closed off Lucas and off relationships Cora but both of them have had a thing for each other for forever. An unplanned vacation brings them together and their feelings surface but both consider it temporary until reality strikes.

Miracle on Chance Avenue


I’ll begin with one of my current favorites, Miracle on Chance Avenue.

This is a charming and, for me, a magnetic offering from the very talented Ms. Porter. The characters are complex in the levels of emotions they each experience and the haunting the male character feels from his family’s horror is powerful to the plot.

Sadie is yearning for a child of her own with no husband prospects and is determined to use a donor until Rory shows up. She has been in far away love with him since she was thirteen and has dreamed of him becoming hers.

Rory is finally finding himself coming to terms with the brutal deaths of his mother, father and three younger siblings. His life has been a dance with death as a bull rider, daring it to conquer him with every ride, if only to end the guilt and misery he lives with daily.

Sadie witnessed Rory’s serious injury and sees that his duels with death are never ending. Rory senses her in the stands every time she has been to see him but she is never around after the ride to meet her. It is a chance meeting that brings them together but a secret from her past could tear it all apart.

His Best Mistake

best mistake

I loved this book! I loved all the angst, emotions, and problems from falling in love with forbidden fruit!

Jack Maclean is a closed off man emotionally due to his long time love & wife’s death. He travels to a remote cottage in Scotland to confront the woman who caused his sister’s fiancé to cheat on her and have an affair. What he finds instead is a woman he cannot resist and doesn’t.

Stella Grant, the wrongly accused woman, is beautiful and open. She gives and honest and truthful portrayal of the deception the fiancé which hurt her, too. Her honesty and innocence hit the fairness button on Jack, who begrudgingly believes her.

They try and fail to resist the magnetic pull between them and spend one night heatedly together. Jack sneaks away the nest morning and weeks later Stella finds herself pregnant. The rest of the story is a thoughtful telling of how two people can untangle knots and find a perfect solution.

Saving the Sheriff


This is a story about how the complications that hurt and trust bring can interfere with a relationship that should happen.

Holly Jensen has born feelings of guilt and remorse over leaving her teen siblings to foster care when she left for college.

Cash Hill is still hurting from the untimely death of his wife leaving him to raise their four year old daughter. He has thick walls closing off his heart for protection.

Both Holly and Cash have serious trust issues that prevent them from forming the relationship that lies in wait for them. Issues and complications arise that increase the chasm of distrust unless a resolution perfect for both of them can be found.

New Year’s at the Graff

New Years Graff

This is such a sweet take on the Cinderella story that will simply charm the reader. The scene is Marietta where the New Year’s fund raiser at the luxurious Graff Hotel is happening. Cinderella is not there in a gorgeous ball gown but in regular clothes helping to run the fun game tables. The prince is a San Diego businessman in town to research his mother’s days there and where he was born. Brief eye contact earlier in the day jogged his brain into staring and meeting her later on is brilliant.

What transpires is a lovely tale of falling in love and of really wanting it to work.

On the Edge

on the edge

Whoa! There are some serious scenes in this book-the kind that make you wonder what you’ve been missing!

The scene is a ski resort I dire need of renovation because of an avalanche. A father/daughter combination invest in the resort with brother/skier-snowboarder professionals. The daughter, Glory, resents being pulled into the renovation because she feels her father is wasting the money her deceased mother earned through romance novels. The older brother, Rolf, resents his brother’s involvement and is dragging their company into what appears to be a losing proposition.

There is spark and chemistry between Glory and Rolf that neither can resist, try as they might. Both of them are fighting their own demons which cause the resistance. But there is no denying such a strong pull toward each other.

As a cute note: within the book, is the story Glory is writing in her first stand alone try as a novelist. This story reflects the emotions swirling around Glory and showing her what she really wants deep inside.