Young Adult Novels

Imagine if at the age of eighteen you have the wish of your lifetime to make. Would you be certainly prepared to wish the right thing for forever? Or, would you wish like a teenager?

The town of Wishing, Texas, keeps to itself and does not ever encourage visitors because the truth of the town would bring gawkers and news hounds. Wishing is a place where every eighteen year old gets a wish on their eighteenth birthday for whatever they choose to get, have, change, or whatever. This year is the year for Eben to make his wish and he wants not to. He has seen the damage the wishes have wrought in the lives of the people of the town and does not want that. Forces are pushing him to decide, to make the “right” choice. He does the best thing he can: investigate the wishes of others, how it truly affected them and whether they would wish it again. When he’s done, he will decide.

This is a really good young adult book that I enjoyed immensely.


If you have never read any of Megan Squires Young Adult novels, you have been definitely missing out. Her books are meaty from a young person’s perspective and chock full of things that any teen/young adult/ anyone who once was young can relate to on many levels. Most of her books revolve around romance but romance with so many interesting issues and plots.

In Where We Left Off, Mallory and Heath meet on a freezing night while she is going home from eating in the diner where he works. Both are smitten by each other and decidedly nervous about approaching each other again. Mallory goes by the diner again intending to ask Heath out first. She is a refreshing character who speaks her mind and is always trying to find the best in everything. Unfortunately, Heath doesn’t work that night but he gathers his nerve and goes by her house and she is home. From this starting point in their relationship, things blossom into a young love that is true.

The turning point is when Mallory and her Nana are involved in a hit and run. Heath speeds to the hospital to wait by her bedside. Now the hard part begins because, although his family had recently transferred to Kentucky form California, his father receives a tremendous job offer and the family rushes back to California. Heath tries to contact Mallory in every way he can but she does not respond. This is the end of Part 1 and beginning to Part 2.

I’m not going to talk about Part 2 because there is so much more to even Part 1 than I have written. Part 2 is even better and you will cry and laugh and just love it. You will also be seeking our more of Megan’s books because it is that good.

Some of her other books (that I’ve so enjoyed), are: